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light and fresh to start

Gaspachos & Soup

  • Rhubarb and Strawberry Gaspacho (cold) 9.50€

    Strawberries, Rhubarb Pickle, Goat Cheese Ice Cream and Onion Tuile

  • Pink Tomato Gaspacho (cold) (Vegan) 9.00€

    Pink Tomato, Tomato and Pepper Sorbet, Pickle Onion Cocktail, Fresh Oregano and Gluten Free Croutons

  • Mussel Soup 10.50€

    Pasta Stuffed with Mussels Portuguese Style, Pepper Emulsion and Water Lilies

  • Mosaic of Sarrajão (Bonito – Atlantic Tuna) 11.00€

    Sarrajão, Avocado and Coriander Cream, Cherry Tomato, Mustard Leaves, Tomato Vinaigrette

  • Crispy Goat Cheese 10.50€

    Goat Cheese, Roasted Apple Puree, Muscat Gel, Toasted Walnuts, Watercress Leaves

  • Sliced Cured Ham, Low Temperature Egg, and Potato Rosti 10.80€

    Cured Ham, Cobra Beans, Lemon, and Toasted Butter

  • Tomato Tart (Vegan) 9.50€

    Celeriac, Tomato Pesto, Cherry Tomato, Basil Gel, Watercress Leaves, Toasted Pine Nuts

  • Couvert 3,90€

    Price per person - Bread, Home Butters, Salt Flower, and Premium Olive Oil from Algarve

the appetite is opening up

Individual Starters

2/3 people starters

To share

  • Tapas "Gaspacho & Migas" (2 persons) 27.50€

    Duck Croquettes with Rosemary and Chive Emulsion; Roast Beef Tartlet with Bay Leaf Emulsion, and Cucumber and Cauliflower Pickles; Oyster, with Mango and Chicken Sauce piri piri ; Codfish Tiborna with Cornbread, Egg Yolk Gel, Black Olive Powder

  • Cured Shrimp Grilled on Coconut Charcoal (2 persons) 23.50€

    Shrimp, Fermented Pepper Emulsion, Toasted Butter Foam, Bread Sand and Garlic

  • Cheese and Sausage Board (2 Persons) 29.30€

    Iberian Pork Ham 38/50 Months of Curing, Iberian Pork Paio and Chorizo; National Cheeses; Ilha, Azeitão, Serra da Estrela, Nisa; Jam, Toasts, Dried Fruits

discovering the sea

Fish dishes

  • Sea Bass with Razor Clam Xerém 25.50€

    Sea Bass Fillets, Corn Flour, Salicornia, Grilled Lemon Sauce

  • Grilled Tiger Shrimp with Shrimp Açorda 32.50€

    Tiger Shrimp, Bread, Nori Seaweed Powder, Wakame Salad, Caviar and Seaweed Air

  • Octopus with Octopus Rice and Shrimp Carpaccio 29.50€

    Octopus Tentacles, Shrimp Carpaccio, Romesco Sauce

  • Grilled Codfish, Codfish Migas, and Portuguese Cabbage Cream 27.00€

    Codfish, Bread, Cabbage Leaves, Olive Oil Flavoured with Cured Meats

  • Roasted Corvina with Smoked Sweet Potato Fondant 27.50€

    Corvina, Alzejur Sweet Potato, Pennyroyal, Bacon, Turnip Greens

  • Lamb Picanha with Mint Butter and Smoked Cottage Cheese 29.50€

    Lamb, Creamy Chorizo Bulgur, Peas, Sheep Cottage Cheese

  • Iberian Pork Tournedos, Potato Rosti, Clams, Pig's Ear 29.00€

    Pork Tenderloin, Potato Rosti, Clams, Cauliflower, Pig's Ear, Portuguese Sauce

  • Grain-fed Black Angus Entrecôte, pumpkin migas, with Serra da Estrela cheese 36.00€

    Pumpkin, Mushrooms, Mushroom Sauce with Truffle, Crispy Serra da Estrela Cheese

  • Flat Iron Steak - Black Angus - Potato Churros, Pineapple, Chimichurri (For 2) 56.50€

    Potato, Grilled Lettuce with Cottage Cheese and Bacon, Grilled Pineapple, Chimichurri Sauce, Spicy Pepper Emulsion

a walk through the countryside

Meat dishes

and how good it is Vegetarian...

Vegan & Vegetarian Dishes

  • Mushroom Stew, Topinanbur Straw, Vegan Egg Cream, Coriander Oil (Vegan) 18,90€

    Portobello Mushrooms, Topinanbur, Leek, Thyme

  • Fresh Spinach Pasta, Broccoli, Sheep's Butter Sauce (Vegetarian) 18,90€

    Tenderstem Broccoli, Sheep Cottage Cheese, Roasted Peanuts

and in the end

A Sweet

  • Drunk Pear in Muscatel, Brioche French Toast and Vanilla Ice Cream 8.50€

    Pear, Muscat Wine, Brioche

  • Lime Semifrio 8.00€

    Lime Mousse, Raspberry Jam, Almond Crumble, Raspberry Gazpacho

  • Chocolate Mousse with Salted Peanuts and Strawberry 7.50€

    Chocolate, Caramel, Peanut Crumble, Strawberry, and Lemon Balm Jam

  • The Algarve's Waltz of Oranges (Vegetarian) 8.00€

    Orange Pie, Orange and Rosemary Jam, Orange Blossom Sorbet, Orange Segments and Orange and Citrus Meringue

  • Portuguese Cheese 16.00€

    Ilha, Azeitão, Nisa, Serra da Estrela, jam, dried fruits and toasts

  • Artisanal ice cream (price per scoop of ice cream) 4.60€

    Chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, salted caramel, almond and orange ice cream, and strawberry ice cream (with almond crumble)

Prices include VAT at the legal rate in force.

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